Published on Jul 13, 2019

by Marcos Dinnerstein

In our last piece on the topic of Certified Translation for Request for Evidence (RFE) we went over a number of vital topics.

What is a USCIS Request for Evidence (RFE)

Why might a USCIS officer send an RFE? 

  • Missing documents for a marriage-based green card.

  • Insufficient Income

  • No proof that the applicant entered the country legally

  • Uncertified translations of documents from non-English language sources

Now you find yourself in the position of having to respond to an RFE.

What to do if you receive a Request for Evidence

First thing, read the complete RFE from start to finish. You are likely to receive this only one time, so it is crucial to quickly understand what’s required. Be sure that any additional proof being request was not included in your original application. People make mistakes. If that’s the case you’ll need to send duplicates in your response. Note which documents are duplicates of documents originally submitted.

Carefully note the deadline for the receipt of the requested documentation.

In your reply to the RFE, you need to include the original RFE notice (make a copy for your records) and be sure to include ALL requested documents in your packet of documents. They probably won’t accept subsequent documents if you attempt to send them piecemeal. 

If you are asked for a translation of a bilingual document, and one of the languages is English, you should point out that fact.

Should you be unable to provide requested documentation, explain why that would be the case, submit evidence from the relevant records office for why the document cannot be obtained and submit an affidavit (sworn statement). An example: a relative who confirms the birth date or your spouse or your self.

When you have confirmed you have gathered all the requested documentation be sure to make copies of everything. Now you’ll want to send this package of documents using either registered mail, return receipt requested or another form of trackable services such as FedEx or UPS. Confirm your package arrived prior to the deadline and keep a printout of that proof with your copy of the documents provided.

Here’s a video with the background information you’ll find useful

And to help set your expectations for how long this process might take read the following from the USCIS website USCIS Estimated Processing Time:

Request for Evidence (RFE) – Our processing time goals and associated processing timelines guide our production management efforts. On an application or set of applications where a customer could receive interim benefits, our objective is to pre-screen the application within 30 days of filing to identify whether there is any missing initial evidence. That’s because we do not want to issue an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or advance parole based on an incomplete application simply because we haven’t conducted this initial review.

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