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Published on January 01, 2015

By Evren Ay

Customer Relation Management software has certain nomenclature that could take some getting used to. But in reality, it is quite simple.

It all starts with...

Leads are early contacts in the sales process. Use the Leads module to create, manage, and track sales lead. You can associate a lead with any type of campaign to track the effectiveness of the campaign in generating opportunities for MotaWord.
Creating Leads

  1. Select Create Leads from the Actions bar.
  1. Or, click the Create link in the far right corner of the ListView or Detail View of any Leads page.
  1. Enter at a minimum the following information in the Leads Overview section:
  • Salutation. This field is important in creating mail merge campaigns to leads and knowing how to refer to them.
  • First Name. Enter the lead's first name.
  • Last Name. Enter the lead's last name.
  • Title. Enter the business title of the lead.
  • Department. Enter the department to which the lead belongs.
  • Account Name. Enter the name of the company related to the lead. When you convert the lead, you have the option to create the account as a related record.
  • Email Address: Enter the email address for the organization and your contacts and campaign targets within the organization. Select Invalid to indicate an incorrect email address. If you sent out campaign emails this contact and the individual chose to opt-out of receiving them, select Opted Out.
  • Office Phone. Enter the lead's office phone number.
  • Mobile. Enter the lead's mobile phone number.
  • Website. Enter the website of the individual's organization.
  • Primary and Other Address: Enter the primary address and Other Address information. To copy the other address from the primary address, select the Copy address from the left checkbox.
  • Description: Enter a brief description of the lead...
Converting Leads
  1. Click Convert Lead on the Lead's Detail View page.
  1. This displays the Convert Lead page.
  1. The Create Account checkbox is pre-selected by the system to create a new account for the lead. You can also create other related records such as a note and task at this stage.

You can create Leads in MotaWord CRM and you can also import them into MotaWord CRM using a comma-delimited, tab-delimited, or custom delimited file. When you import Leads, you can select the default value for the Lead Source, such as Direct Mail, Trade Show, and so on from the drop-down list in the Default Value column.

To use the import function, select Import from the Leads tab.

To create a lead

Once you have made contact with a Lead and qualified them, you should convert Leads into Contacts and Accounts. Your lead-conversion options, also allow you to do any one of the following with lead-related activities (Tasks, Calls, Meetings, Notes, and Emails) during conversion:

To convert a lead: